Code Club is back with Social Distancing!

Coding and computer science are a new kind of digital literacy, and libraries all over the U.S. are stepping up to help everyone build 21st century skills. Come join our very own Code Club — No coding expertise necessary. Your kids can learn important tech skills and have fun along the way. They’ll work on learning how to make websites, video games, apps, animations, and more!

Join us — July 15 & 29; August 12 & 26.  We will meet in the 1931 Room, have fun and flex our coding muscles – on computers, robots, and no tech/low tech ways – your imagination is the only limit!

This is a drop-in event — No registration required.  No worry about catching up to other coders — everybody works at their own speed and the goal is fun and collaboration.  You will be coding before you know it.   Just come ready to have fun.  Only requirement is that coders be able to read!

Code Club is made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Science

Sign up -- Start Coding Anywhere!

You can get a jump start on coding by going to our  Prenda Code Club — sign up and create your profile.  

To make it as easy as possible for you to learn about coding and to have fun, you can now advance to your next mission or workout without having to get a signoff password entered in by a GLADL staff member.

When the library reopens, stop by the library and check in with a Code Coach — we are excited to see what you are doing and get you started on your next mission!

code club challenge
Great Prenda Code Challenge 2020

Prenda is hosting a country-wide coding challenge this summer for kids ages 8-18. Participating is easy.

  1. Sign Up
  2. Start Building
  3. Submit by July 31

Cool first, second and third place PRIZES will be awarded for two age groups: 8-12 year olds and 13-18 year olds!

Give your Kids a Super Power!
No-Tech Coding — something for everyone!
cup stacking
The Cup Stacking Challenge

Materials: Cups (lots of them!), paper, pencil

Prompt: Have you ever wondered how high you can stack a bunch of cups? Maybe you’ve dreamed about what crazy designs you can make by stacking cups? In this challenge, you are going make the coolest stack of cups you can imagine.


  1.  Stack your cups in a creative design
  2.  Once stacked, think about how you created your design
  3. Write directions for someone else to use to re-create your stack.
  4. Try out your directions to see how they work – make changes if you see something that isn’t right.
  5. (Optional) Ask someone else to try out your directions. How did they work?

Looking for more low tech no tech coding ideas — Try these!


Materials: Sidewalk chalk, paper, pencil

Prompt: Coding could be explained as “Making the computer do what you want it to do.” The computer follows your commands without questions.. In this activity one person is going to be a “computer” and the other the “coder.” The coder will create instructions, and the computer will follow the instructions.


1. Draw a basic hopscotch pattern on the ground with sidewalk chalk, and number the boxes 1-10

2. Using the paper and pencil the person who is the coder should draw an arrow. Then the person who is the computer hops one hop in the direction of the arrow. Coder draws more arrows until the computer makes it to number 10.

3. Switch places! The coder becomes the computer, and the computer becomes the coder. But this time the coder writes all the instructions ahead of time and then the computer follows them all at once. Revise your instructions until the computer is successful.

4. (Optional) Add other commands in the sequence for the computer to obey, such as clapping, or clucking like a chicken.

This program is made possible through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, administered by the North Dakota State Library in partnership with Prenda and the Association for Rural & Small Libraries.